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At VirtualExpo247, we offer a range of benefits and services to individuals interested in starting their own business through our licensing opportunity. Some of the key benefits and services include:

  1. Established Concept: VirtualExpo247 has already proven its concept through successful ventures like HRTech247, WeddingShow247, FranchiseShow247, and FitnessWorld247. This track record demonstrates the viability of the platform’s model.
  2. Choice of Industry: VirtualExpo247 allows you to choose from a variety of industries, including retail, climate, dentistry, healthcare, fitness, and more. This flexibility empowers you to venture into an area that aligns with your interests and expertise.
  3. Licensing Opportunity: By becoming a licensee, you gain the rights to use the VirtualExpo247 platforms and brand to run your own business. This minimises the risks associated with starting a business from scratch and gives you a head start.
  4. Support and Mentorship: VirtualExpo247 provides support and mentorship to licensees. This includes guidance on how to effectively set up and manage your virtual exhibition platform, ensuring you have the tools you need to succeed.
  5. Established Brand: Leveraging the recognised brand of VirtualExpo247 provides credibility and trustworthiness to your business from the outset.
  6. Comprehensive Platform: The platform offers a comprehensive solution for showcasing suppliers and services. It includes features such as virtual booths, interactive exhibits, networking opportunities, and more.
  7. Flexibility: You have the ability to run your virtual exhibition business around your commitments and lifestyle, offering flexibility that traditional brick-and-mortar businesses may not provide.
  8. Proven Success: The success of existing ventures under the VirtualExpo247 umbrella demonstrates the potential for growth and profitability within this business model.
  9. Access to Exhibitors: VirtualExpo247 connects you with exhibitors and suppliers within your chosen industry, helping you build a network and attract participants to your platform.
  10. Tech Support: The platform comes with technical support, ensuring that any technical issues are resolved promptly so that your business can run smoothly.
  11. Marketing and Promotion: VirtualExpo247 provides marketing and promotional resources to help you attract exhibitors and visitors to your platform, increasing the visibility of your business.
  12. Scalability: As a licensee, you have the potential to scale your business over time, expanding into new markets and industries as you see fit.

VirtualExpo247 offers a turnkey solution for individuals looking to run their own business in the virtual exhibition space. The combination of an established concept, industry flexibility, support, and a recognised brand makes it an appealing opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs.

At VirtualExpo247, our target market includes individuals who are interested in becoming entrepreneurs and running their own business in the virtual exhibition industry. Specifically, our target audience comprises:

  1. Aspiring Entrepreneurs: People who have a desire to start their own business and are looking for a proven concept and support system to help them succeed.
  2. Industry Enthusiasts: Individuals with a passion for a particular industry, such as retail, climate, dentistry, healthcare, fitness, etc., who want to create a virtual exhibition platform to connect suppliers and services with their target audience.
  3. Business Professionals: Professionals who are seeking a new business opportunity that aligns with their skills and expertise, allowing them to leverage their industry knowledge in a new and innovative way.
  4. Existing Business Owners: Entrepreneurs who already own businesses and are looking to expand into the virtual exhibition space as a new revenue stream or diversification strategy.
  5. Tech-Savvy Individuals: People who are comfortable with technology and are interested in exploring the virtual space as a means of business, marketing, and networking.
  6. Entrepreneurial Networks: VirtualExpo247 may also target business associations, incubators, and networking groups that support entrepreneurs and startups, offering them an innovative opportunity to launch a business within the virtual exhibition industry.
  7. Global Market: Since VirtualExpo247 operates in a virtual space, its target market is not limited by geographical boundaries, allowing it to attract entrepreneurs from around the world.

Prospective platform owners of VirtualExpo247 platforms are diverse and encompasses individuals with a variety of backgrounds, interests, and goals, all seeking the opportunity to run their own business with the support of an established platform and brand.

If you want to learn more about the exciting opportunities that VirtualExpo247 offers, get in touch with the team at

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