Our 3 Types of Exhibitions


We have developed a number of exhibitions in a range of different industries that are ready for you to own and launch.


Our existing exhibitions are Pre-Made, but they have already launched, with live exhibitors and content. The platforms are already generating an income.


We also design and develop bespoke online exhibitions tailored to your industry, ideas and needs.

Platforms Available to Sponsor & Own

Explore our case study’s for our Pre-Made & Existing online exhibitions below, to find out more about what they all individually offer click through to view their overviews.

If you are interested in sponsoring or becoming a platform owner of one of the above platforms, get in touch with the VirtualExpo247 team at admin@virtualexpo247.com.

Bespoke Exhibition Case Studies

Explore our case study’s for our online exhibitions that we have built bespoke for our Platform Owners.

Do you have an idea for your own online exhibition? Get in touch with the VirtualExpo247 team at admin@virtualexpo247.com.

What is Virtual Expo 247?

Virtual Expo 247 brings your showcase to suppliers and services in any industry that you choose. We have already set up other businesses under HRTech247, WeddingShow247, FranchiseShow247 and FitnessWorld247, thus proving the concept. We are now licensing out our platform for anyone interested in setting up in business, with the support of our established and recognized brand.

It can work for any sector where exhibitions or conferences run – cars, homes, dental, cleaning, marketing, learning… You name it, we can set it up for success!

Get In Touch

If you are interested in finding out more about VirtualExpo247 send us a message.