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Platform Owners FAQ’s

Platform Owners FAQ’s2022-11-04T10:59:20+00:00
Setting up a new client on my platform2021-07-29T09:34:02+01:00
  1. Send us across your new client email, name & logo via ticket.
  2. We add ‘Coming Soon’ to your exhibition hall floor of your choice.
  3. We create a new user on your platform.
  4. You receive the clients login details and info via the ticket.
Creating a virtual space2021-07-29T09:39:39+01:00
  1. We receive a notification of an updated profile
  2. We check the updates have come through
  3. We begin copying over content to a new virtual space
  4. A new ticket is created and assigned to you sharing the draft for you to send to your client if you choose.
Making a virtual space live2021-07-29T10:08:50+01:00
  1. You confirm you are happy for a virtual space to go live via a ticket.
  2. Virtual space is published for you.
  3. We update exhibition hall so their stand links to their virtual space.
  4. This is added to ‘News’ area on the platform homepage.
  5. The link is sent to you via ticket.
How do I upload a blog or seminar?2021-07-29T10:28:14+01:00
  1. Create a ticket/re-open a ticket under the name of the exhibitor you wish to post from (ie. Whitelabel247 – Exhibitor Name)
  2. Share a document or link to the blog or seminar you wish to share on the platform, along with when you would like this posted (date or time).
  3. If no date or time is specified we will get this uploaded for you ASAP.
  4. We will inform you once the blog or seminar has been posted, along with a link to the page.


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