Published On: September 21st, 2021Categories: Case Study1.1 min read

HRTech247 went online from 1st April 2020 to start building content and to generate interest from the technology community, over the last 18 months the community has grown with over 75 members of global companies.

As you may already have seen, HRTech247 is an online place where anyone can get easy access to information on exhibitors  in the HR and Payroll Tech space; a place where there is no restrictive financial barrier to feature; a place where all vendors have an equal status and a place that is accessible 24/7.

Hosted completely online and the brainchild of Bob Rehill & Associates Founder, Bob Rehill, HRTech247  showcases HR and Payroll suppliers from around the globe, allowing potential clients to access the very best content at their fingertips. Not only will HRTech247 highlight these companies, it will also feature additional information such as White Papers, Analysts Reports, Ted Talks and Interviews, making it the best solution for your HR and Payroll needs.

The site aims to bring together the fragmented HR & Payroll Technology market by enabling a single space that showcases Technology & Service providers in HR & Payroll across the globe.  Global exhibitors such as Workday, ADP, Cloudpay, Cornerstone, Oracle are just a few to mention that are members of the community platform.

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