Starting from £595 pcm


Starting from £795 pcm


Starting from £995 pcm


Starting from £1195 pcm

This is the license for your chosen website.

This is for the running and maintaining of the website. Including any theme updates and new features. You will be updated on any new features in your platform owner newsletters.

This is the time allowance you have for all content updates to be made to your platform. Including posting blogs, seminars, jobs, events, and of course, your virtual spaces.

Please note, that any additional time over this allowance is charged £45 per hour.

10 hrs 15 hrs 20hrs 25hrs

This is a session with a senior member of our team to learn more ways to grow your platform and to ensure that you are making the most of your platform.

1hr p/m 2hrs p/m 4hrs p/m  6 hrs p/m

This is for weekly content communication with the platform owner to discuss the monthly maintenance updates. This is vital for the platform owner to know what changes have been made to the exhibitors and content that week.

30 Min p/w 1hr p/w 1hr 30 p/w  2 hrs p/w

This allows clients to pay and sign contracts  through your platform.

This is an additional tool to allow you to track visitors and identify businesses that are visiting your platform.

This CRM is an additional tool; this account is pre-set up for the on boarding of new exhibitors and management of existing ones.

This includes social media posting on 3 platforms of your choice. This also includes 1 hour a month discussing your posts.

12 posts p/m 16 posts p/m