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Do you want to run your own business one day?

If so, there are a few things you need to do first: pick your industry of choice, build a loyal customer base, and develop an effective marketing strategy. But where can you find the resources and knowledge necessary to achieve success? 

A platform owner has the ability to create a virtual exhibition platform with the support of the VirtualExpo247 team, enabling them to run a business online in your chosen industry. Platform owners can create a virtual exhibition platform to operate as their own company anytime, anywhere, with the support of the VirtualExpo247 team in their industry of choice. 

Why becoming a platform owner in 2023 will be the best step for you. 

– You want to lead and become an influencer in your industry. 

– You want to create a new way of showcasing products and services in a virtual concept 

– You want to help people solve problems 

– You want to build a sustainable business model that is environmentally friendly and that can work around your lifestyle 

The benefits of owning an online exhibition platform 

  • Low investment and low ongoing monthly fees. 
  • The founders and senior leadership provide you with the support that has already proven the model successful and generating profit in year one. 
  • Tech/virtual businesses mean there are no high overheads and no need for additional staff. This is a global opportunity with no geographical restrictions. 
  • Platform owners can set their own hours and choose when they want to work. When they’re ready to take a break, they simply turn off their computer and go outside. 
  • No boss, you don’t answer to anyone else. You are responsible only for yourself. As long as you meet your goals, you can decide how you spend your time. 
  • A platform owner doesn’t have to worry about commuting to work. He or she can work from home, in coffee shops, or even while traveling. 
  • You can work around your family, as a platform owner, you don’t have to miss out on family events because you have to work late. You can still be involved in your children’s lives without missing out on anything. 

So, do you want to know how easy it is to step up? 

The first step is to schedule a meeting and discuss your industry and interests with a member of the VirtualExpo247 team. The next step is once you’re happy with going ahead with becoming a platform owner, contracts are signed. Setting up is easy and allows you to brand your own online exhibition as well as construct your text and images for the site, videos, etc. The process is all done through a ticketing system so you can easily manage your platform. Once you’re satisfied with the appearance of the platform, we can have it live for you and start onboarding exhibitors. As platform owners, we’ll continue to support you every step of the way and there are other services that the team provides too. 

In summary, starting a business is challenging, hard work, and difficult, but extremely rewarding, offering a tremendous level of confidence and pride. 

 Contact the VirtualExpo247 team to discuss your ideas and how we can support you on your journey.

This article was written by Katie Bateman of VirtualExpo247 




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